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The Initiative of German Practice-Based Research Networks – DESAM-ForNet, supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) since 2020, promotes the nationwide establishment of research infrastructure in primary care provided by general practitioners. Out of 40 general medicine university locations, 29 have already joined the Initiative DESAM-ForNet, which connects research in general medicine. The aim is to provide scientifically sound answers to relevant questions in everyday practice. The focus is on patients and general practitioners with their practice teams. Currently, 1360 practices are part of the structure, and the aim is to reach 1732 by 2025.


About us

The aim of the Initiative DESAM-ForNet is to establish a network structure for research practices to strengthen general medicine. Nationally, this aims to create an independent, sustainable, and internationally competitive network structure for research in the outpatient setting.

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Practice-based research networks

Six practice-based research networks covering 23 university sites collaborate within the Initiative of German Practic-Based Reasearch Networks – DESAM-ForNet. The six supported networks aim to accredit and qualify a total of 1732 general practitioner research practices by the end of 2024.

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Working groups

To develop shared concepts and standards for cross-network collaboration, all participating networks convene in six working groups. Proposals from these working groups are voted upon in the steering committee, which serves as the central decision-making body for the Initiative of German Practice-Based Research Networks – DESAM-ForNet.

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Do you, as a patient and citizen, want to contribute your interests and opinions to research projects and have a say in research in this way? Read more …

Are you a medical assistant/general practitioner interested in participating in the establishment and shaping of structures within practice-based research networks, as well as in the research projects within these network structures? Read more …

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