SaxoForN – Practice-Based Research Networks Dresden/Frankfurt am Main

The new SaxoForN practice-based research network of 50 practices is being established in Saxony, while the existing network in the region of Frankfurt am Main (ForN) is being expanded to include a total of 200 practices. The two networks are collaborating on two research projects. The HYPERION TransCare project (Heading towards ContinuitY of Prescribing in EldeRly persons with MultImOrbidity iN Transitional Care) is an intervention study aimed at improving the appropriateness and continuity of pharmacotherapeutic treatments for multimorbid and elderly persons, which, in a first step, will involve GP practices in a participatory study of feasibility. The second study will examine the patients’ records on long-term outcomes of cancer survivors that are held in GP practices in order to analyze what information should be provided by clinical specialists when discharging cancer patients.

Structural features/ Cooperation agreements

Qualification of research practice teams Basic qualification and advanced qualification (Healthcare research in the family practice and/ or GCP (good clinical practice) assessor’s course provided by Center for Clinical Studies in Dresden), recurrent refresher qualification

Participation Advisory board, practice advisory boards (family practitioner and healthcare assistant representatives), interprofessional innovation workshops

Information-sharing platform regular research practice meetings, website (with protected internal area)

Support for young doctors Includes young researchers and physicians

Cooperation partner KKS Dresden coordination center for clinical studies, Saxony Senior Citizen Interest Group, Ruhr University Bochum, SGAM Saxony Association for Family Medicine, University of Bielefeld, Frankfurt University Tumor Cancer Center, Frankfurt University Hospital, Heidelberg University Hospital, What’s my problem?

Pilot projects

Pilot 1 HYPERION-TransCare (Heading to ContinuitY of Prescribing in EldeRly persons with MultImOrbidity iN Transnational Care)
Improvement in the continuity of intersectoral medication treatment in patients with multimorbidity and polypharmacy.
Participative development of the intervention and feasibility study (cRCT).

Pilot 2 LoTeCaS-GP (Long-Term Cancer Survivors in General Practice), Interviews with experts, including case vignettes of long-term survivors and secondary data analyses.
What information should be provided to family practitioners and patients on discharge from oncological aftercare?
What data on long-term cancer survivors are available in the family practice?
What patient-reported outcome measures (PROM) are important to patients?