The institutes of general practice at the Charité – University Medicine Berlin and the University Hospital in Jena are collaborating to establish a practice-based research network of 500 GP practices in Berlin, Brandenburg and Thuringia.  An intervention study is to be conducted to examine the GPs views on delegable services performed by medical assistants (MFA). The study will include basic and extended geriatric assessments.

Structural features/ cooperation agreements

Study execution Institute of Biometry at Charité university hospital
Jena Center for Clinical Studies (ZKS)

Participation Regional practice advisory committees (family practitioners and HCAs); Patient advisory committees; Supraregional network meetings

International Advisory Board Meetings

Healthcare funds AOK Plus / GEVKO

Physician organizations Associations of General Practitioners in Berlin/Brandenburg and Thuringia; Thuringia healthcare fund

Pilot projects

Pilot 1 Delegation within the family practice – Under what circumstances can what procedural responsibilities of physicians be transferred to non-physician practice employees?
Cross-sectional study; Questionnaire survey of practice teams and patients

Pilot 2 VeCo Practice (healthcare and Covid-19): Range and use of GP healthcare services for patients without Covid-19 from the perspective of family practitioners, healthcare assistants and patients (study coordination: Berlin)

Pilot 3 CRP Practice: Use of CRP quick tests in the family practice, particularly for infectious diseases (study coordination: Jena)

Integration of further ongoing studies as use cases in the research practice network