Working group Participation

Active and permanent involvement of patients, family practice teams and the population at large in planning and developing a research infrastructure and carrying out research projects.

· Differing participation concepts and formats in the various regions.
· Finding an appropriate means of approaching different target groups.
· Integration of differing interests and perspectives in a family practice setting.

Proposed solutions
· Joint online workshop on stakeholder participation.
· Explain the various participation concepts, including publication of best-practice approaches, by publishing articles and taking part in congresses.
· Citizens’ Consultations 2024 for cross-network sharing of experiences and perspectives by patient representatives from all networks.

Speaker of the working group:
Dr. rer. med. Jennifer Engler, MPH, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main (Institut für Allgemeinmedizin), SaxoForN                                     Dr. rer. medic. Christine Kersting, Universität Witten-Herdecke (Lehrstuhl für Allgemeinmedizin und interprofessionelle Versorgung), NRW-GPRN