FoPraNet-BW – Research Practice Network Baden-Württemberg

FoPraNet-BW is a joint venture of the institutes of general practice at the universities in Tübingen, Heidelberg, Freiburg an Ulm (associated partner) that has established a practice-based research network of 150 GP practices in Baden-Wurttemberg, and, along with Reutlingen University, shares responsibility for data management and the implementation of the IT infrastructure. An intervention study to examine the effects of intermittent fasting, and three observational studies on the topics of heart failure, depression and polymyalgia rheumatica are currently planned.

Structural features/ Cooperation agreements

Development of a sustainable IT infrastructure involving various stakeholders and levels (MII/TMF)

Participation in roundtable discussions with research practices / PLUS research practices, Council of Experts, Steering Committee

Health insurance funds AOK Baden-Württemberg, BARMER

KV Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Baden-Württemberg, Association of General Practitioners, HÄVG contracting group responsible for arranging contracts between health funds and physician associations

LAG patient self-help group Baden-Württemberg

MFA Association of Healthcare Assistants (state association for southern Germany)

Pilot projects

Intervention study (50 PLUS research practices)

Study coordination – Tübingen Use case on intermittent fasting

  • Randomized controlled study with process evaluation
  • Aim: Feasibility and effects on micro, meso and macro levels
  • Duration of trial 18 months incl. follow-up

Observation studies (100 research practices/ 50 PLUS research practices
Study coordination – Tübingen Use case on polymyalgia rheumatica</em
Study coordination – Freiburg Use case on depression
Study coordination – Heidelberg Use case on heart failure