Participation of GP practice teams

What is meant by the participation of medical assistants and general practitioners?

Participation means the involvement of medical assistants and GPs in the establishment and design of structures of general practice research networks as well as participation in the research projects within these network structures.

Why is there a participatory approach in the general practice research networks?

The regional research practice networks are coordinated by the general medical institutes and working areas in Germany. The BMPF is funding the structural development of these networks for five years. To ensure that the network structures (communication channels, qualification programs, research content, and the design of research projects) are adapted to your needs in the best possible way, we will repeatedly ask you for your opinion during the development of the research practice networks and request your feedback. In this way, research practice networks should function as well as possible for scientists, but especially for you as practices.

Additionally, the research projects within these networks should have the highest possible relevance for everyday care in GP practices and they should be feasible for you. Therefore, we would like to involve you in the development of research questions and the planning of research projects. This involves, for example, questions such as:

  • What are the biggest unresolved care problems in GP practices and how could they be solved?
  • Which aims and measurement tools are appropriate for a specific research project? How should we recruit the participants?
  • Is a planned intervention feasible for you in your GP practice and practicable for patients?

How are the practice teams involved?

In the individual research practice networks of the DESAM-ForNEt initiative, there are different formats by which medical assistants and general practitioners can get involved. You can find out which opportunities are available by contacting the network in your region.

An overview of the GP research practice networks and the contact person for the patient participation can be found here:


Contact persons for participation:

This map shows the GP practice networks associated with the DESAM-ForNet initiative.

Here you can find the contact persons for the participation and patient involvement in your region.


BayFoNet – Bayerisches Forschungsnetz in der Allgemeinmedizin

Herr Christian Kretzschmann

Forschungspraxennetz Baden-Württemberg

FoPraNet-BW – Forschungspraxennetz Baden-Württemberg

Herr Andreas Polanc


HAFO.NRW – Hausärztliches Forschungspraxennetz NRW

Frau Susanne Kersten


RESPoNsE – Forschungspraxennetz Berlin/Brandenburg/Thüringen

Frau Doreen Kuschick


SaxoForN – Forschungspraxennetz Allgemeinmedizin Dresden/Frankfurt am Main

Frau Dr. Jennifer Engler

If you have any questions, please contact the coordination office at any time!

We will support you in finding a contact person from the research practice networks to participate in the research and will be happy to advise you in detail.

Koordinierungsstelle DESAM-ForNet

Koordinierungsstelle der Initiative DESAM-ForNet

Frau Dr. Leonor Heinz